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Mud puddle politics

mud puddle 2Following this election has me feeling like JuleAnn, from Robert Munsch’s Mud Puddle. Every time I look for info in the mainstream media, I’m jumped on by mud slinging garbage puddles…

Not only has science has gone missing this election campaign, as opined by Katie Gibbs and Dan Weaver for the National Observer, even the headlines are trashy and scandalous.

Coverage of the youth march on Sept. 29, was all but eclipsed on the day by reporting of a man tackled by the Prime Minister’s security detail. You barely see the man’s face before he’s wrestled to the ground, yet his 15 minutes of fame overshadowed, in the media’s mind, the message of the other 100,000 people who were there.

mud puddle 3

What I couldn’t understand, is the hypocrisy of the Prime Minister participating in a climate strike in the first place… Isn’t he the one in power? What are his demands?

No one asked.

In the age of disinformation and sensationally short attention spans, we are blinded by this mud in our eyes.

How does climate change relate to childcare?

Bill Nye on climate changeScientists report the irreparable damage to the global climate could come as soon as 2030. 1.5C increase in temperature is basically assured, and the world left for the children of today will be a less habitable, and harsher place by then.

It relates because children learn about societal norms at daycare. They learn to wash their hands with soap, and how to stay safe. The election this month is a chance to speak, and teach our leaders and children to speak rightly.

Next month, the blog will return to our regularly scheduled daycare business updates and innovations.

In the meantime, strike back. Please vote.

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