Software as a Service

Basic Daycare Software membership – $299/mo.


  • Monthly access to customizable daycare administration system, for staff and parents
  • Optional wordpress suite of pages about your program, or links to an existing site
  • Training programs for operator (set up) and staff (operations)
  • Email templates┬áto automate most common interactions
  • Email response to support requests guaranteed within 24hrs.
  • Hosting, security certificate validation, maintenance, etc.

Discounts available:

  • Annual commitment, paid monthly – $275/mo.
  • Annual commitment, paid once – $250 x 12 = $3,000/yr.

Make Daycare Flexible Courses

Coming Jan. 2020.

For service requests or information, please contact Talia Erickson

Fine Print:

All monthly commitment transactions to be processed by credit card on the 25th of the month, for the following month, until the membership is canceled.

Cancelation notice is required in writing by the 15th of the month in order to end the membership on the last day of the month. Cancelation notice received after the 15th will be processed for the following month. We do not provide refunds for any reason.

Annual and 3-month membership commitments continue for the duration of the term, and may not be canceled until the full value of the term has been paid. Upon the conclusion of the annual commitment term, membership may be renewed at the same price, switched to the monthly commitment price of the time, or canceled, with notice in writing. If notice of cancelation or renewal is not received by the 15th of the last month, membership will be automatically continued at the regular monthly rate.

Members are responsible to maintain their current and updated billing information. Bounced fees will be subject to a $50 fee, and if billing info is not updated, and fees not paid within 7 days of notice in writing, membership and website access may be canceled.