Growing Daycares Consulting

We provide business options according to our experience and research, and do not offer legal advice. Clients are responsible to seek appropriate legal and professional opinions as needs arise, and to maintain legality, on their own behalf.

All consulting engagements begin with a 2-hour needs assessment meeting to determine services required, and compatible fit. Please see below for a selection of services available. Average contract fees range from $3,000 – $12,000/yr.

Make daycare better

Business Application

License Requirements


Timelines & Budgets

Training Documentation

How-to Document Development

Web-based Training Programs

System Manuals

GD Bee

Business Development

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Pricing Models

Company Brand

Software Consultation

Record System Set-up

Data Analysis and Recommendations

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Administrative Software

Scheduling and Payment

Application Processing

Accounts and Permits

Credit Card Processing

Business Domains/Email

Website and Hosting